Emissions Trading

Climate Corporation’s emissions desk informs clients about current prices, volumes and possible trading options. Besides brokering forward contracts between companies covered by the EU ETS we especially concentrate on the spot market for EUA, CER and ERU.
Climate Corporation is active on CO2 exchanges like the Australia based CarbonTradeXchange (CTX) and through its well established network of OTC trading partners.

Trading of Spot EUA or CER – How does it work:

  1. Client transfers either EUA/CER or funds to Climate Corporation’s trading account
  2. Climate Corporation’s emission desk team contacts the client as soon as funds or EUA/CER have been checked and made available for trading. We provide an overview of the current market situation with current prices and volumes available on exchanges or from OTC partners
  3. Client places order and Climate Corporation’s emissions desk closes the order asap
  4. Climate Corporation immediately initiates the transfer of the acquired  funds or EUA/CER to the clients account. Depending on the type of transaction as well as the trading platform used the transfer may take only a few minutues (when buying EUA/CER via exchanges) or might depend on settlement details in OTC delivery agreements.

Benefit from:

– Real-time access to carbon exchanges via phone or instant messenger
– Extremely fast order processing and cash/credit transfers
– Counterparty anonymity
– Bundling of sell and buy orders
– Order placement via internet, fax, instant messenger or telephone

Contact us and place your first carbon credit transaction with us for no charge*!

Call our trading desk  @  +43 2236 8002 7000  or email: office@climatecorp.com

*depending on the trading platform used third party, carbon exchange trading cost might apply.

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