CO2 Management

The CO2 Management package provides companies with the means to efficiently manage allowance positions and secure investments in the GHG market.

CO2 Management & Action Plan:
The M&A Plan is the basis for the development of the carbon strategy and the ongoing servicing of all relevant aspects of the CO2 market.
Two of the most important factors are your companies’ current carbon-position and forecasts for the next months or years, based on your business forecasts.

CO2 Company Roadmap:
The Company Roadmap describes the goal to be reached and the optimal way of getting there (at the time of compiling the roadmap). As the optimal way is influenced by a range of different factors the roadmap has to be continuously adapted to stay on track. Based on our ongoing observation of the market and of the many other important factors, we update your Company Roadmap on a weekly basis. This allows us to react to any changes occuring in the CO2-market in a fast and flexible way taking advantage of short term options.

Important factors that we observe and analyze:

– Allocated certificates (NAP)
– Business-as-usual scenarios (BAU)
– Certificates from CDM/JI projects
– Borrowing and banking of EUAs
– Important timelines which influence the price and trading strategy
– Status quo and changes of the regulatory framework

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