Clean Water – Rwanda

People benefit from clean water

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Key facts
Country:  Rwanda
Project Type: Clean Water
Standard: Gold Standard
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Tel: +43 2236 8002 7000

The most basic requirement to sustain life is clean water. In many rural and peri urban communities across Sub-Saharan Africa the struggle to find clean safe drinking water can take a major part of a families resource. More often that not the burden falls woman and children to collect water often walking a great distance from home. Even then water drawn from pools or rivers is often contaminated with pollutants and potentially lethal bacteria that cause illness and infections. To make the water palatable and safe to drink it needs to be boiled, however lack of education and the cost of fuel wood to do this, can make even these simple precautions prohibitive for the poorest families.

That’s why community boreholes do provide a safe, clean source of water for an average of 200 families close to home. The technology behind the approach is not new, but the process is unique. Climate corporation and its partner are establishing a program to find and repair community boreholes that have fallen into disrepair, forcing the villages that relied on them to turn back the clock and search for water again. We will restore the boreholes to full working order and put in place a program to maintain the supply for the local community.

Once the borehole is in operation providing clean water without the need  to boil it, we are able to generate carbon credits. By monitoring the amount of clean water delivered each day as a result of the maintenance project, we can calculate the fuel saved by not having to boil water to purify it. These fuel savings result in co2 emissions reductions which, following an independent project audit, are then registered as market tradable carbon credits. The resulting funds help repeat the process and enable us to continue to engage with more communities in need, restoring water supplies to a new area.

Verification of the Project

The project will be independently verified by the Gold Standard to ensure that it is a fully compliant as a beneficial carbon offset project and meets the required Standards in terms of both carbon reduction and community engagement.


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